Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ITSA's Enforcement Functions/ Adam Toma/ Veronique Ingram

1.4 Enforcement functions

Enforcement is not responsible for the actual instigation of prosecution actions. This function is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP). Enforcement is responsible for carrying out the investigatory work associated with potential prosecution cases and the promotion of the overall aims and objectives of ITSA in relation to the detection, investigation and prevention of bankruptcy-related offences.
Enforcement has the following functions:
  1. to develop and implement strategies that deliver Enforcement services in accordance with ITSA’s Strategic Plan;
Breaches of the bankruptcy Act are fucked over because of Mathew Osborne advises trustee's that they have discretion to fuck them over!!!
  1. to identify potential cases for prosecution by the CDPP;
Matthew Osborne advises trustees how to protect offences against the Bankruptcy Act
  1. to gather evidence for cases identified for potential prosecution;
..... wHAT SHIT!!!!
  1. to prepare briefs of evidence for referral to the CDPP;
How Funny!!!!
  1. to liaise with the CDPP both generally and in relation to specific prosecution actions or legal advice;
  2. to give evidence in Court;
How Funny!!!!!
  1. to provide advice, assistance, appropriate information and training to internal and external clients and stakeholders in relation to offence investigation matters;
Talk to the Legal Officer Matthew Osborne and get his advice on how to protect bankrupts from prosecution!!!!!
  1. to provide recommendations to ITSA’s Legal and Executive Support unit with regard to the operation of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and to identify other fraud prevention measures and procedures to ensure ITSA’s actions are lawful and that they reflect ITSA’s purpose, as well as government expectations;
It is clearly obvious the Attorney General the Commonwealth ombudsman and the Australian Public Service Commission are protecting the shonkey senior management at ITSA........ claerly also from this it appears the Australian Government expects senior management to fuck over and distort figures and statistics!!!!
  1. to liaise with the Australian Federal Police and State Police Services - both generally and in relation to specific cases, in relation to the use of investigative powers available only to police officers, and in relation to assistance with forensic evidence and intelligence gathering
To use the Federal Police to fuck over and intimidate anyone who exposes systemic corrupt conduct at ITSA, the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Australian Public Service Commission.
  1. to liaise with other law enforcement agencies, including State Police services, and other Government agencies in relation to alleged offences that may involve breaches of other laws, or in relation to alleged offences outside the jurisdiction of ITSA; and
To try and fuck over anybody who again exposes corrupt conduct

  1. to provide operating results and statistics to ITSA’s Management and the Commonwealth Attorney-General.
To provide shonkey statistics after Adam Toma and senior management have fucked everyone over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Client Service Charter

Client Service Charter

This publication is a guide intended to provide general information and is not legal advice

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